Startled cows roam Stratum at night

Image source: creative commons

Residents around the Gerardusplein in Eindhoven were awakened last Sunday night by an unusual sound. About forty cows suddenly roamed around the neighbourhood, bellowing loudly. They had broken loose from the farm in Genneper Park.

Cow dung

Monday morning revealed a mess in the parking lot at the Basic-Fit on the Aalsterweg. The ground was full of cow dung. “I think it’s funny, but manure is dirty. The farmers or the municipality can clean that up,” says 13-year-old Midas van Schenk Brill. He lives behind the parking lot and was woken up by the noise last night. “I was shocked. At first I thought a homeless person was shouting, they are often here”.

Metalfest Party

The animals came from De Genneper Hoeve, which is about a mile away. Farmer Mirjam, the owner of the animals, suspects that the animals were frightened by people who came from the Metalfest party. “There was commotion all evening, I heard a lot of screaming from people who were walking back home a little drunk”.


Mirjam also heard her cows moo at night, but then had no idea that they had broken loose. “The mooing was getting softer, so I thought it was quiet again.” Not long after, she received a call from the police, saying that her cows were running loose. “They ran a long way in a short time, that’s probably because of the fright. I think from all the screaming.”

The farmer immediately sprang into action, because the animals had to be moved off the road quickly. “They walked near residential houses, on major roads and intersections. Quite a challenge to get them back quietly, in the middle of the night.”

All is well

With the help of the police and bystanders, employees of the farm drove the animals to the parking lot of the Basic-Fit. “So far so good. Getting them home was still difficult. The fence was broken, so we first had to fix another meadow.” But It worked. The cows are now grazing quietly in the meadow again. “They’re doing well,” says the farmer.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha

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