Repair of Geldrop-Mierlo station elevator to start in September

Repair elevator Geldrop-Mierlo station
Photo credit: Studio040

The NS (Dutch railways) will start repairing the elevator at Geldrop-Mierlo station in September, the municipality reports.

On New Year’s Eve the elevator at the station was destroyed with heavy fireworks. This caused problems for wheelchair users. Because of the broken elevator they have to rely on the NS if they want to travel by train through station Geldrop-Mierlo. They can arrange to have assistants to help them reach their platform.

Repair of the elevator took a long time because the NS had to wait for new parts for the elevator, the transport organisation announced earlier. Those parts now appear to be available in short order after all.


Repair work should begin around 4 September. The work is expected to take between three and six weeks, allowing the elevator to be used again in October at the latest.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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