‘Violent robbers still not found’

Robbery Veldhoven
Robbery Veldhoven. Copyright: Politie

Police are looking for information about a violent robbery at a residence on the Biezenkuilen in Veldhoven. There, five robbers forced their way into a house in the evening hours on 18 June this year. The two residents were assaulted and threatened with a knife. The perpetrators made off with an unknown amount of money. Every trace has been missing since.

The nightmare began for the couple at a quarter past 11 on Sunday evening 18 June. That is when five masked men entered the house through the back door, which was open due to the hot weather.

In poor Dutch and English, the robbers shouted they wanted money. The woman was then beaten and her throat squeezed. Her husband did not escape the violent robbers either. He was kicked, punched and threatened with a knife.

Heart attack

At one point, the woman managed to escape and flee to her neighbours for help. The robbers quickly grabbed money and fled. Three of the five suspects fled in a presumably older model Opel Vectra, with the combination ‘LD’ and ’20’ in the registration number.

Two robbers remained behind in the street. One walked around with long stick in his hand, with which the female victim was presumably beaten. She was later found to have suffered a heart attack.

Witnesses sought

“These very violent robbers must be found,” the police writes. People who know more can contact the police via the general number on 0800-6070 or anonymous via Meld Misdaad Anoniem (Report Crime Anonymously 0800-7000).

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn

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