Nuenen organises trip to the zoo for ‘statusholders’

Picture credit: Studio040

Syrian and Somali Statusholders – refugees with a residence permit- wnet to Dierenrijk Zoo this Wednesday. The Nuenen church community had organised a day out for the refugee children and their parents.

The church community organises trips to give people like these a holiday feeling. “These people have no opportunities”, says Theo Beemelmans, one of the organisers. “They cannot go away on holiday, nor do they have the resources to pay for fares and fees.

Carefree day

Dierenrijk runs a special summer programme. The park opens at 8.30 already, so that visitors can start the day together with the animals. The children were here early; they had breakfast at the zoo. “The church approached us directly”, says Sander van den Heul at Dierenrijk. “We realise what these children are going through and if we can give them a carefree day we are happy to cooperate”.

The children are having a good time. They are playing, watching the animals, and enjoying the food. “I like it here. There are many children”, a young girl says. The animals are perhaps less importnat for many children. What they enjoy most of all: “Playing and eating”.


There are some  200 refugees living in Nuenen. Today was for status holders. Next week a group of refugees from Ukraine will visit Dierenrijk on a day out.

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