Extra school building for foreign kids

Global College Eindhoven
Global College Eindhoven (Photo credit: Studio040)

Due to the rapid influx of newcomers to Eindhoven, a new location for children from abroad will open this autumn. The former school building on Rector Baptistlaan in Stratum will be freed up for this purpose, the city council has announced.

The school will become part of Global College, the institution in Eindhoven that provides education to the children of newcomers who land here in the region. These are knowledge workers who start work at one of the many technology companies in the region, but also status holders and labour migrants.

More newcomers

Global College is growing fast and previously announced that it was looking for new locations to offer classes to foreign children. Now, these students are taught separately. Because the group of newcomers is growing rapidly, some children will eventually also enter regular education. In total, school board SALTO expects some 12,000 extra pupils to arrive in Eindhoven over the next 15 years. For that reason, twenty primary schools and three secondary schools should be added

Ongoing quest

The building on Rector Baptist Avenue is municipal property and can be quickly converted into a teaching location. If enrolment continues to increase in the coming period, Global College will have to look for a second new location later this year. In doing so, the municipality wants to use vacant schools as much as possible.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn

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