Forecasters predict brief but fierce storm

A satellite image of a Channel Rat

Dutch weather forecasters at KNMI predict heavy rain and wind speeds of up to a hundred kilometres an hour. People in traffic should be particularly cautious on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Also, trees are in full leaf now, so they will definitely catch the force. Branches may break off or trees may be uprooted.

The extreme weather conditions are due to a so-called Channel Rat. When an area of low pressure forms over the Atlantic Ocean and heads into the Channel towards Belgium and The Netherlands, it build up in no time into a brief but fierce storm with heavy rain and fierce blasts. A Channel Rat is notoriously difficult to predict. It is this combination of sneaky and vicious behaviour that gave rise to the name for the metereological phenomenon. However, more accuarte radar and satellite observations used in more accurate models mean that meteorologists are not taken by surprise often these days.


As soon as we have seen the rodent’s tail, dry and sunny weather will follow. On Wednesday, temperatures will still be on the mild side, but later in the week they will rise and rise and culminate in a tropical weekend.

Written by Seetha and Greta for Eindhoven News

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