Code orange proves storm in a teacup

Picture courtesy: Pixabay

The storm that was predicted for the Eindhoven region seems to be ending with a fizzle. The KNMI issued code orange, but for now only some light thunderstorms passed over the area. There was also rainfall.

With this, the region seems to be escaping extreme weather and the associated nuisance. According to the weather institute, strong thunderstorms with big hailstones and strong gusts of wind would cross the country in the afternoon and evening. With the showers there is a chance of hail with a diameter of two to four centimeters, and heavy wind gusts of 75 to 100 kilometers per hour.

Anniversary party

Due to the predicted weather conditions, Waalre’s jubilee party was cancelled prematurely. It seems in unnecessary now, because the storm did not materialise. Yet the jubilee festival to celebrate Waalre’s 100th anniversary did not fall through completely. The Waalre100 foundation wants to catch up on Sunday’s programme at another time.

Source: Source040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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