School seeks fifty new teachers

New Building Stedelijk College
Photo Credit: New building Stedelijk College, Studio040

Willy Evers of the Stedelijk College in Eindhoven is concerned. His secondary school is looking for 50 new staff members. “I never say something won’t work out, but it will be a tough job,” says the education director.

Those staff members must teach ‘non-native speakers’ the Dutch language and culture. Eindhoven is currently flooded with children aged 12 to 16 from other countries. They are applying for the global college lessons, part of the Stedelijk College. The school can no longer cope with the influx of children from abroad.

No sitting at home

School director Evers is looking for staff to accommodate new students: from dozens of teachers to caretakers. Through a video on Facebook, children from the school are calling on people to apply. That has already led to many responses. Evers even wants to hire people without teaching qualifications. “Only recruiting teachers is not possible because there just aren’t enough. We don’t want children sitting at home. Such a child does not socialise.”

Good conduct and affinity

The minimum requirement for a new employee is a Certificate of Good Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag = VOG). “They must have an affinity with children. Preferably supplemented with an educational qualification, such as social work. The need is very high. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do this like this.”

Different countries of origin

Children from abroad have different backgrounds. In particular, they are status holders (sometimes unaccompanied) or children of migrant workers and expats. Regarding migrant workers, it concerns children from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Portugal. The parents of expat children work at ASML and its supply companies. Many Asian children come here to learn Dutch.

Where it ends, education director Evers does not know. That is a major concern. For decades, the school year has started with 180 children from abroad. “There is no brake on the numbers. Last year there were 300, which was because of the war in Ukraine. Now we are even at 600 children whom we offer a place at the school on September 1.”

New school locations

He expects to have as many as 800 children by Christmas. In September, the third Stedelijk College location will open in Eindhoven with hundreds of children. Now that place is already fully booked. A fourth building should become available around autumn. Talks with the municipality are already ongoing. “We are constantly being bombarded with the question ‘What happens now?’ It really comes in waves.” On June 7 and 8, job interviews will take place.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Martijn

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