New test centre for drones on High Tech Campus

New test centre for drones
Photo Credit: Studio040

A new test centre has opened on the High tech Campus in Eindhoven. There they test the drones that may deliver packages and meals. It seems unlikely, but at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, they believe in it. 

For now, the drones only make test flights at the High Tech Campus, but the intention is that they will fly through Eindhoven in the future. “What you still see now is delivery drivers on bikes or scooters delivering pizza. In the future, drones have to deliver pizzas,” said Ron Feelen, organiser of the drone event. “They can not only deliver packages and meals but also inspect and secure buildings or transport medicine. Drones are the future”


According to Ted van Hoof, project manager test site, drones bring a lot of benefits. “When packages are delivered by air, there is less traffic on the road. That creates more safety. Parents can let their children play in the streets again without having to worry.”

“Drones pollute the environment less and can provide faster delivery, improved surveillance, and more safety for inspectors because they no longer have to climb.”


But before drones can actually deliver pizzas to the door, much remains to be done. This is because many drones still require a remote control. In the future, they should be able to control themselves. “Here at the High Tech Campus that’s already possible, which is a small, controlled area. But in your street or neighbourhood, you have to deal with different situations. So it’s going to take some time before drones can actually deliver pizza,” Van Hoof says.

Source: Studio040

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