Cure is going to chip all waste containers in Eindhoven

Cure new chips on bins

Cure Afvalbeheer (waste management company) will provide new chip stickers and address labels for residual and organic waste containers.

All residents of Eindhoven who have a green and/or grey waste container at home will receive a letter from Cure with more information in April or May.
The letter also includes a personal login to a dedicated website. A special phone number will also be available. The letter is addressed ‘to the residents’ of the address. This is because Cure is not allowed to register personal data.

Without this new chip and sticker, Cure will no longer empty the container. The whole project will last until the end of this year.

Cure is carrying out this action for a number of reasons

Containers without the chip will not be recognised in the future and will therefore not be emptied by the rubbish truck.
The chip and sticker are needed to find out how many waste containers each household has. The allowed number of wheelie bins per household will be a maximum of two per type (grey, green or blue).

Maximum number of containers

When re-chipping and stickering, Cure is also change the maximum number of containers at the same time. For residual waste, VGF (GFT in Dutch) waste and waste paper and cardboard, there will be a maximum of two mini-containers for each type. They will only give the residual waste and VGF containers a new chip and address sticker. This is because the paper containers came in after the city council agreement.

Extra charges for second residual waste container

From 1 January 2025, an annual fee will have to be paid for an extra grey bin.
Residents will start paying an extra fee for a second residual waste container every year. A second 140l (grey) minicontainer will cost €120 extra for each year. A second 240l (grey) minicontainer costs €140 extra for each year. For a second (green) mini-container for VGF waste and waste paper and cardboard (bleu), a resident pays nothing extra. With this measure, the whole quantity of residual waste is hoped to be reduced. Treatment of residual waste is expensive and will only get more expensive.

The letters residents will receive from Cure are also in English and here you can find more info online.

Cure is having helpdesks at several locations in town where coaches can help you with questions. Here you can find the helpdesk schedule

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