Delay in construction of Speelpark de Splinter swimming pool

Splinter park renovations

The renovated swimming pool at Speelpark de Splinter will open later than expected. The intention was that children would be able to once again swim in May, but now it looks like that will not be until July. This is due to the large amount of rain that fell this spring causing construction delays.

“We were supposed to open in May, but due to the large amount of rain in the spring, that is no longer possible. We work with pipes a few meters underground and there should be no water in the ground when building,” explained Hugo Jansen from Speelpark de Splinter.

When asked about the expected opening date, Jansen responded: “We still don’t dare to give a fixed date, because we don’t know for sure when the work will be finished. The expectation is now before the school holidays start.”

Slides and spray park

The municipality of Eindhoven has invested 792,000 euros in the new swimming pool, so you can expect a lot. “The renovated pool will indeed be different from what was there. Previously, there were two small swimming pools and you had two sections. After the renovation, there will be only one swimming pool and a spray park with sprinklers and pouring water buckets where children can play. In the middle there will also be an octopus that connects the two parts and a small slide,” explained Jansen.

According to Jansen, nothing will change at the entrance. “The swimming pool remains free of charge and on Sundays and public holidays you pay one and a half euros. This way people with a small budget can still swim with us.”

Source: Studio040
Translated: Yawar Abbas

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