Disabled Max gets three parking tickets

Max fined 3 times with disabled parking card
Photo credit: Omroep Brabant/Studio040

Seventy-two-year-old Max van Kuilenburg from Eindhoven has already received three parking tickets, although he has a disabled parking card. It always happens about five metres from his house. “Scandalous! We now regularly look outside to see if we see a scan car”.

Max has COPD, emphysema and asthma. The stretch from home to the car is already quite a task for him. Before we can talk, he is already panting, Omroep Brabant writes. “I’m tired”. He lives near the PSV stadium where the scan car turns up regularly. Here are public parking spaces for which you have to pay.

Thanks to his disabled parking card, Max is allowed to park here without paying, but the scan car doesn’t know that. That car is full of cameras that can check 1,200 cars per hour. Max was sent photos of his parked car as ‘evidence’. The photo was just a dark square. He starts laughing loudly. “Did you see it? What nonsense”.


The scan car has been driving through Eindhoven for two years and suddenly the receipts are dropping through the letterbox. “No or too little parking fee paid”, the ticket reads. If the scan car sees a license plate that has not been paid for, an inspector will come and check the spot. “You can see my disabled parking card very clearly. Even from a distance”.

Max had to pay the fines first and only then could he object. He has paid two fines: twice €68,30. “I am retired. I have to survive on my AOW (old age pension) and my pension”. The third time, Max threatened to go to court and the fine was refunded. He shows the folder full of letters. “I have a lot of trouble with it”.

Ouderen Appèl

“It is ridiculous to be fined three times, at the same address. You have to wake up to that”, city councilor Cor Verbeek, of Ouderen Appèl Hart for Eindhoven, says. He has asked questions. “This will not be the only case. The municipality must apologise”.

The solution, he says, is simple. “The license plate must be linked to the address and the person. Then they can see that someone has a disability card. This should happen next year, I’m told. It remains to be seen whether that will work and how it will turn out”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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