New centre for Alzheimer patients: ‘Residents here get a lot of freedom’

New Center for Alzheimer's patients
Photo Credit: Studio040

De Paladijn in Geldrop is a new residential and care complex for Alzheimer’s patients. Here the patients get a lot of freedom and independence. On Wednesday, De Paladijn was opened.

The living pattern at De Paladijn is different from most centres for Alzheimer’s patients. In fact, care and support from professionals are limited. Initially, family and friends are there to help. Only when it is really necessary, care workers from Vitalis provide help.

“We believe that people should be in control. They have a memory problem, but they can go out and receive visitors themselves if they want to,” says Mark Boogers of Vitalis WoonZorg. “We support when it’s really necessary. Or we help them remember things, like visitors coming by or taking medicine.”

Johanna Vorstenbosch is one of the residents. She likes to be at De Paladijn. “My husband passed away. Without him, I’m also just sitting at home alone. Here I have company. The family won’t let me leave alone. However, I can go for walks with a companion or to soccer.”

For the residents, De Paladijn is basically a temporary home. Alzheimer’s patients move to another place when they can no longer live independently.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.


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