Eindhoven women nominated for Woman in the media award

Paulien Kreté Photo credit Paulien Kreté

Hospitality entrepreneur Evelien Wu, theater producer Sawinah Roctus and Paulette Kreté are nominated for the Woman in the Media award in North Brabant. They have been widely seen in the media in 2022 and now have a chance to win a coveted award.

This is an annual election held in each province. The organisers believe that women are underrepresented on radio, television, and in newspapers. The organisation behind the Women in the Media Awards wants to encourage female experts and role models to be visible in the media and it wants to encourage editors to give them a stage more often.

Raising breast cancer awareness

A total of eight women have a chance to win the award. Eindhoven-based Pauline Kreté made frequent headlines in 2022 because, as president of the YvYa foundation, she wants to raise breast cancer awareness and remind people that breast cancer should be detected early using the Early Warning Scan.

“Breast cancer cannot be prevented. Early detection of breast cancer is the only option to spare women this misery. Whether you are 16 years old or 100,” Kreté reveals in her book.

Drag artist

Sawina Roctus Photo Credit Pleun Wolters Studio040

Playwright and Drag artist Sawinah Roctus was the Best Drag Artist of Brabant 2021 and 1st Runner-Up Miss Diversity Netherlands 2022. With her participation in miss pageants, Roctus calls attention to diversity, inclusiveness, the environment, and mental health.

Sawinah Roctus, also known as Liza Salvia, participates in various miss elections in addition to studying marketing and communications. As a woman, she wants to show that not only men can drag queens. “Drag is precisely something that transcends all genders,” she previously told Studio040.

Eveline’s Asian Streetfood

Hospitality entrepreneur and TV chef Evelien Wu is also nominated. Every day Wu can be seen on 24Kitchen with her own cooking show Eveline’s Asian Streetfood, and every day Wu shows how to put an Asian dish on the table in fifteen minutes. In doing so, she gets help from famous guests.

Evelien Wu Photo credit: Sietske Aussems

She is the owner of three Mood restaurants in Eindhoven, the Stadspaviljoen and the Chinese Pavilion at Strijp-S. Wu also owns a Mood restaurant in Rotterdam. Wu was the one who opened the very first wok restaurant in the Netherlands in 1999.

Until January 14, votes can be cast per province on vrouwindemedia.nl. The winner will then appear on the nomination list for the national Woman in the Media Award 2022.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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