Smart discovery reduces brain damage in stroke patients

Catharina hospital uses new technology to help patients with stroke, Picture credit: Catharina Ziekenhuis

The Eindhoven Catharina Hospital can help stroke patients more quickly with new technology. This can prevent brain damage.

Medical specialists must know as soon as possible whether the patint has suffered a  cerebral haemorrhage or an ischemic stroke. When the patient’s diagnosis is precise, the proper treatment can be started immediately.

Catharina Hospital now has an application that uses artificial intelligence. This automatically detects blockages of the cerebral vessels that lead to cerebral infarction. This saves at least 10 minutes of time per patient, and the chance of brain damage increases with every minute. A lot of suffering can therefore be prevented with faster treatment.

Regional function

The Catharina Hospital fulfils a regional function for patients with an acute cerebral infarction when one of the larger cerebral vessels is blocked. In these patients, the blood clot is removed from the blood vessel by a specialist using a catheter.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha

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