Win free tickets to Maker Faire Eindhoven

Maker Faire Photo: Max Kneefel

Eindhoven News and Maker Faire Eindhoven have a collaboration that promotes scientific innovation and creativity in the region. Wherever Eindhoven News goes, it takes its readers along. As the readers make us what we are. 

Now, how can you win free tickets to Maker Faire Eindhoven? Save up to 25 euros!

  1. Email about what you look forward to seeing at the Maker Faire. For more information visit
  2. Send us a landscape-sized picture (preferably 1280* 720) of yourself reading
  3. And do this quickly because this is a first come first serve promotion. For every entry, you’re entitled to up to two adult tickets. (Emails sent after 4 pm on Friday, 23 September will not be considered. Tickets would be issued until then based on availability).

If you’re still wondering what is Maker Faire then click here

(By sending a picture you accept that the picture can be used for publication on our website in future.)

Posted by: Editorial Team, Eindhoven News.

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