Evoluon open to general public again: ‘I remember it from the old days’

Photo credit: Studio040

The Evoluon is open to the general public again. After more than 30 years, the iconic Eindhoven ufo is once again hosting a major exhibition for the first time. Visitors are appreciating it.

Young and old visited RetroFuture on Tuesday, after the opening on Sunday, an exhibition about how we looked to the future in the past and what our expectations are now.

For example, a DeLorean car is on display, as in the famous movie Back to the Future, as well as food for the future. For some people, the Evoluon especially evokes memories. “It’s fascinating how this building was designed. I came here fifty years ago in the days of Philips. I got a tour as a little boy”, a Flemish visitor explains to Studio040 .

Until the late 1980s it was a technology museum of Philips. Then the building housed congresses, but so now there is public use again. “I was so sorry that the Evoluon had to close at the time. It was a very beautiful museum and I really missed it. When I read over the weekend that it was reopening, I couldn’t wait to go”, another visitor lets know.


At the Evoluon, there are all kinds of things to do. You can shoot organs and scan pizza boxes at the supermarket checkout. For some visitors, this still turns out to be quite difficult. “Much of it is in English. For the older generation to which I belong, that is difficult. Even for children it is not doable. It’s a lot of text”, one visitor said.

The children enjoy themselves with the many activities and pay a little less attention to the informative part. “I had a great time swinging and taking pictures in the photo booth. This is much more fun than sitting in class at school”, a child said in front of the Studio040 camera.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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