Geldrop-Mierlo politicians support renovation plan De Smelen

Renovation plan De Smelen
Photo credit: Studio040

Swimming pool De Smelen in Geldrop will get a refurbishment. The town council of Geldrop-Mierlo on Monday night unanimously approved the renovation plan for the swimming pool.

The renovation will cost €2,700,000, which should ensure that the outdated swimming pool can move forward in the next fifteen years. Among other things, there will be a new water treatment plant. De Smelen will also become more energy efficient, with new insulation and solar panels.

All 24 council members voted in favour of the plan. However, opposition party PvdA (labour party) expressed its concerns about the outdoor pool. Now the pool is in poor condition and leaking. There is now a lack of budget to do something about it. If the renovation takes too long, the PvdA is afraid that this could eventually lead to irreparable damage.

Yet the other parties did not share those concerns. They are confident that operator Laco will ensure a beautiful indoor and outdoor pool. “This plan is good news. It ensures continuity for associations that use De Smelen. It also ensures swimming pleasure for our residents”, CDA (christian democrats) party chairman Mark van Schaijk explained.

Sportfondsen will ultimately foot the bill for the renovation. Laco BV has been absorbed into that company. A large part of the budget for the renovation will be advanced by the municipality. Sportfondsen will then pay this back in instalments.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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