Energy poverty in Eindhoven greater than the rest of Brabant

Engery poverty Eindhoven
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Only in the municipalities of Baarle Nassau (12 per cent) and Rucphen (11 per cent), the percentages are higher than in Eindhoven of households in trouble due to high energy prices. This is according to research by regional broadcasters.

Brabant scores lower than the national average of 7.7 per cent. About 7 per cent of households in Brabant have financial problems. Eindhoven rises above this with 9 per cent, ranking third in the province.

These are households that use 20 per cent or more of their income to pay their energy bills and the poorest households that have less than €2,000 to spend each month. The €2,000  is based on disposable income as used by CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, central office for statistics). That monthly amount is the maximum.

Almost 10,000 homes
In more than half of the neighbourhoods in Eindhoven, the percentage of households where the high energy bill causes problems is higher than the national average. In the district Halve Maan, which is part of the Strijp district, it even concerns 15 per cent of the homes, making it the district with the most problems in Brabant.

In Eindhoven, it involves a total of about 10,000 households. The problems are not limited to the energy bill. The study also shows that over 66 per cent of residents are unable to invest in making their homes energy efficient.

Energy ceiling
The cabinet is working on plans to introduce an energy ceiling by 1 January, whereby up to a certain level of consumption, a lower price guarantee will apply. For everything above that, users will then have to pay the full price.

But this energy ceiling might come too late for many people. In addition, many households consume considerably more gas and electricity than the intended level of that ceiling.

Custom reports from CBS were used for this story. In addition, energy labels were used from EP-online, the official database containing energy labels.

For the energy bill the average consumption was taken, the group of 180,578 Brabanders consumes more than average energy. Many people in this group will earn less and consume more.

This article was produced in cooperation with Omroep Brabant.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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