Thousands of Fontys students enjoy themselves at intro camp

fontys intro week for students
Photo credit: Studio040/ Luuk Glaap

Over 2500 new students from Fontys University of Applied Sciences stayed at a camp in Meerhoven near the airport last week. A beer cantus was organised in a large tent on the grounds and there was rowing to be done. And that was no easy task in this heat.

The students are woken up at eight in the morning and that is not everyone’s cup of tea. “I don’t like that. I’m not fully rested yet. And the hangover hasn’t worn off yet,” explains one of the students. “It may be early, but we do a few push-ups and then we’re back in business”, someone else adds.

The wake-up call is not the only rule at the camp. “No alcohol may be consumed before four o’clock, so we have to restrain ourselves. Alcohol is checked thoroughly, so I couldn’t hide anything in my bag either. Fortunately, we make up for it in the evening,” says one of the campers.

End of camp
The start of a new academic year is reason enough to party, of course, and so there is the Purple festival especially for Fontys students. “I will also see students and friends from Tilburg, I missed them of course. And it is of course better than lying in a tent all day. It is so hot, it is really not normal”, says one student.

One more night in the tent and then the students can go home. “Finally a good shower and my own big bed, that’s what I missed,” a student laughs. “I have met a lot of people here and that was one of the reasons why I went,” adds another.

Source: Studio040

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