Renting out a room to a student is now easier in Eindhoven

easier to let a room
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In Eindhoven, it is now easier to rent out a room. The municipality wants to increase the number of student rooms. Educational institutions call upon residents of Eindhoven to make use of the scheme.

Especially international students have had difficulty finding a room in recent years. “In recent years, extra room rental was not allowed in certain parts of the city, in order to prevent nuisance,” said alderman Mieke Verhees of housing.

“The new regulation makes it possible for homeowners and tenants of housing corporations to rent out a room without a permit, in all parts of the city. This should help new students to find a room more easily.” Because the main tenant also lives in the house, there is supervision and therefore less nuisance, is the idea.

Nicole Ummelen, Vice-President of the Board of Governors of the Technical University in Eindhoven: “Our region is one of the main drivers of the Dutch economy and due to its strong growth, the industry has an enormous need for extra engineers. We are happy to train those engineers, but then there must be rooms available for students. We therefore call on everyone in Eindhoven who has a spare room to rent it out. In this way they can also earn some extra money, they make a young student happy and they help the region.”

Administrator Hans Nederlof of Fontys University of Applied Sciences is also positive about the scheme. “Actually it is very basic. Every extra room is an extra student.” This is also the opinion of the Landelijke Studentenvakbond (national student union). “Very good that the municipality thinks along in creating more living space for students”, says chairman Joram van Velzen. He does emphasise, however, that it is still important to create more real student houses. “Living together with other students is very important for social development, for example.”

Knowledge institute Kences expects a shortage of approximately 26,500 student living spaces again this year. Several universities advised international students in recent months to reconsider their studies if they are unable to find a room in time.

Source: Studio040

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