Compensation for travellers who missed their flight

long queues at Eindhoven Airport Photo credit: Studio040

Eindhoven Airport will compensate travellers who missed their flight due to the long queues for security checks, according to ANP

Travellers can request financial compensation if they incurred additional costs. These can be costs for rebooking flights, for food and drink during the wait for the next flight, and any additional travel expenses. This concerns expenses directly necessitated by the missed flight.


Travellers are elligible for compensation if they travelled between May 23rd and August 11th. Requests can be submitted until September 30th. Travellers have a right to compensation if they were at the airport at least 2.5 hours before their flight and missed their flight nonetheless. It will be necessary to show evidence, for example by means of a parking ticket, WhatsApp messages, or a photo proving they were at the airport well in time.

Problems over

The problems at Eindhoven Airport have beeen solved, according to an airport spokesperson. People in danger of missing their flight are now picked out of the queue and may proceed before others.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Greta

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