Immediate intervention needed in Eindhoven district: ‘Escalation threatens’

Vaartbroek camera surveillance

In the Vaartbroek district of Eindhoven, again, tensions are mounting to such an extent that immediate intervention is necessary, the municiplity says.

According to the police, there are considerable disturbances, which can constantly get out of hand. To prevent worse, two camera poles were placed this week.

The CCTV will be in place until 5 September. One pole is placed at the intersection of the Vaartbroek (the ring road through this eponymous district), the Braambesweg and De Streep. The other stands a few meters further on the Vaartbroek.

The immediate reason for this measure is the information about a number of serious disturbances of public order that the police gave to the municipality on 21 July. Similar problems led to the placement of cameras in the same environment at the end of last year. At that time the reason was an attack with a fireworks bomb on a house on the Vaartbroek.

Police and municipality do not want to reveal any further details about the situation.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by :Shanthi Ramani


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