‘Lichtjesroute’ -the light route- under construction again

Construction has started on the Lichtjesroute Photo Credit: Studio040

From 18 September, beautiful light artworks can be seen again along the ‘Lichtjesroute’ in Eindhoven. Construction started on Saturday and is done entirely by volunteers.

Tits Bongers says “We started with 30 ornaments in 1984. Now we have about 400. Those are the ornaments hanging on the lampposts. We also have about 60 larger projects.” And for all those decorations a lot of volunteers are needed.

Many volunteers are a bit older, but Ben is one of the younger ones to lend a hand. “When I was a boy, my mother told me that it was all done by volunteers. I already said then that I wanted to do that too.”

And he has been doing this for 13 years now. He has learned a lot in that time. “After so many years you already know a lot and you can pass that on to the new volunteers.”

Source: Studio040.nl

Translated: Yawar Abbas

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