Lunet investigates whether swimming pools can remain open: ‘This is a national problem’

Lunet Zorg swimming pools
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Lunet Zorg has started an investigation into the possibilities of keeping the swimming pools for people with disabilities in the region open after all. This postpones a final decision.

How it could happen that the board of Lunet Zorg was forced to announce half May to close all three pools at once, remains unclear even after a conversation with the care institution.

“We examined in advance whether a closure was really necessary. It turned out to be so. But I would therefore not say that the decision was taken abruptly”, the spokesperson for the institution says. Incidentally, that decision was made before the care facility was handed 500 signatures. Family members of the affected swimmers came out against the decision, and the Eindhoven Sports Council (Eindhovense Sportraad) also protested.

“In consultation with the participation councils we agreed to do another investigation. We have to wait for the results of that”. What is clear is that swimming facilities were outdated, and that the investment for renovation is too expensive. “That’s due to a confluence of circumstances”, the spokesperson says.

New law
“Since 2012, there is new legislation that means recreational swimming is no longer reimbursed by the state. And legally, almost all of our clients fall into the recreational category. For less than 1 per cent, we receive reimbursement from the ‘Wet Langdurige Zorg‘ (WLZ, long-term care act)”.

‘Nationwide problem’
Yet the current situation is not only caused by regulations from The Hague. “Other things are also influencing it. Think of rising energy prices and environmental requirements, all of which have an influence. Nor are we the only ones facing these problems. Healthcare institutions elsewhere in the country are also being forced to close swimming pools”.

The closure of the swimming pools is a problem for the clients of Lunet Zorg. Both the Family Association and the Eindhoven Sports Council previously let it be known that it may have harmful effects on the health of the clients of Lunet Zorg. And also the local politics are stirring.

The care institution also let it be known that it is not in discussion with the Municipality of Eindhoven about the situation with the swimming pools. “Whether there might be a solution there, should become clear from the investigation that is now underway”, the spokesperson says. It is not clear when the investigation will be completed.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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