Millions from The Hague for quality of life in Woensel-South

Woensel-Zuid livability
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Millions are coming from The Hague to Eindhoven to improve the quality of life in Woensel-Zuid. The money will go towards better housing, combating youth crime and poverty, and eliminating educational disadvantages.

It is not yet clear exactly how much money is coming to the city. In total, the national government is pumping some €700 million into twenty vulnerable neighbourhoods, spread across the country. Neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, Heerlen, Tilburg and The Hague, among others, will also receive a financial boost.

Quality of life

According to the government, Woensel-Zuid is one of the urban areas in the Netherlands where safety and quality of life are under pressure. There are problems in the areas of education, poverty, safety and health. The extra money should help the municipality and local aid agencies tackle the problems. The police, health care institutions, schools and housing corporations are mentioned. By working well together ‘the accumulation of problems should be effectively tackled’.

Housing supply

The government believes that the quality of life can be improved if buildings are renovated and the supply of housing becomes more diverse. ‘A targeted neighbourhood approach should also curb youth crime. The ultimate goal is to break the vicious circle of problems, so that residents of vulnerable areas can enjoy a structural improvement’, the government says.


There have been enormous problems in Woensel-Zuid for some time now. In 2020, researchers already pointed out that all kinds of things are going wrong in this part of Eindhoven, with increasing nuisance and crime. The city had previously received money from The Hague to improve the quality of life, and also put in its own money. Last year the city council agreed to a total approach to improve liveability.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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