Casualty at animal park: deer dies after swallowing meters of plastic

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Photo credit: Instagram Dierenpark Helmond

A heart-wrenching situation for the rangers of the Hortensia Park in Helmond. On Monday they found a dying deer near the fence. Unfortunately, someone had thrown plastic on the meadow on Sunday evening, where the animal was grazing. As he began to suffocate because of the plastic in his throat, he rammed several times against the fence in panic.

“He was still alive, but we had him put to sleep in consultation with the vet,” says Maarten Koolen, chairman of the Stichting Dierenparken Helmond. Plastic was still sticking out of the deer’s mouth. “The plastic was a roll of bags and it formed a long ribbon within the deer. He swallowed a meter, it was all the way into his stomach and oesophagus.”

The zoo regularly warns about the danger of plastic. There are also warning signs. “We also once removed plastic from the antlers of a deer.  Losing an animal is never fun, especially if it could have been prevented.

“To us, Our animals are like our children”

-Maarten Koolen

The zoo is going to point out to people that it is dangerous to take plastic with you. “We are placing extra information boards, on which we also explain what the dangers are and what food is and is not allowed. And in collaboration with the ROC, we will start an experiment in September with the students of the security training. They can keep an eye on things, as well as inform and address people.”

Worst case scenario, no more feeding will be allowed at all. “Such a ban is also on the way from The Hague for ducks. Perhaps we should also introduce it for deer in our park.”


Source: Omroep Brabant

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez


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