Eindhoven has a new nature reserve: de Klotputten

New nature reserve in Eindhoven
Photo Credit: Studio040

Eindhoven officially has a new nature reserve. In the southwest of the city, De Klotputten was opened, with forty hectares of heathland, marshland, and countless bird species.

The provincial administrator Hagar Roijackers and the director of Brabant Water opened De Klotputten on Thursday afternoon. The area has undergone a great change in recent years. For example, parts of the area between the Dommel and the A2 motorway have been transformed from agricultural land into a natural stream valley landscape. Furthermore, there is now a three-kilometer hiking trail through the area.

Marsh and heathland

Besides a stream valley, De Klotputten also has a marshland with several kinds of birds. As we go more inland, the area changes into heathland. The information posts in the area provide text and explanations about nature. Later on, there will be a watchtower, too.


The Klotputten is currently a protected bird resting area. Other animals also find a place here. “The Klokputten is a valuable nature area in Brabant and part of an ecological connection zone, which allows species to maintain themselves better,” says Roijackers.

Drinking water

Besides nature, De Klokputten is an essential source of Eindhoven’s drinking water. “This is where we, for years, are pumping up deep groundwater to make drinking water,” explains Brabant Water director Rob van Dongen.

Source: Studio040

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