Eindhoven wants 30 percent social housing on new Fellenoord

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Eindhoven City Council wants to build more social housing on Fellenoord. It is more than the original plan. Thirty percent of the homes should be below the social rental threshold. Previously it was twenty percent.

The city council informed that in an explanation to the council. In addition, the percentage of social sales (up to €215 euros) and medium sales (between €215,000 and €370,000) has increased from 35% to 40%.

The changes came after the development vision of Fellenoord was adjusted to the administrative agreement of the new college.

The news that the college is aiming for more social housing will be well received by many people. Especially for those who are not big earners, the housing market is increasingly less affordable. On Fellenoord 6000 to 7000 homes must be built. Of these, they intend to keep about 2000 for social rent.

Medium Rent
The proposed increase in the number of social housing units in Fellenoord is at the expense of the so-called medium-rent: rental properties between 763 euros and 1000 euros. This price category would first comprise thirty percent of the homes to be built, but in the new plans it takes up only fifteen percent.

Fellenoord is to undergo a thorough metamorphosis as part of the Knoop XL mega project. They are going to build thousands of homes where a few hundred people now live. That plan, however, has been the subject of much criticism.

The Municipality of Eindhoven has to contribute an additional €6 million to make the construction of the extra social housing possible.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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