Tiny Houses for people with mental illness

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12 Tiny Houses have come up on the Grote Beek estate. The houses are on the grounds of the GGzE. They are meant for clients of the Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg Eindhoven (Mental Health Care Eindhoven).  These clients are taking the step to live on their own again.

“Because of the help I received here, I was finally able to live on my own again.” Mirjam Steeman is a former patient who lived at the Landgoed de Grote Beek under supervision over 18 years ago. She had suffered from multiple depressions after a lonely marriage. “At the time I didn’t have the opportunity to live alone. But now I can live independently on this property with three others.” It helped her a lot, which is why she believes that the project with the Tiny Houses should be a great success.

Under the heading of “living in the lee”, each patient will have their own home in the Tiny House Village. Joep Verbugt of the GGzE says: “Here they can safely discover what it’s like to live independently. If something goes wrong, and it will, we are there to catch them.”

Protected and independent
The selection process is currently underway. From June onwards, the first residents can move into the houses. They may stay there for a maximum of two years, after which Trudo can help them find their own accommodation. Theo van Kroonenburg, the director of Trudo, explains, “We’ve been working together for a long time and with this project, we can relieve the care and shorten waiting lists in mental health care.”

Trudo is also looking at whether there are people who live on their own in the city but are actually not coping well. “Those could possibly also live in a Tiny House like this. We are looking into that at the moment,” informs Van Kronenburg.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta who also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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