Construction company treats: water taps in schoolyard and money for cancer research

Cancer research
Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

Water taps in a school yard, a TV for a senior citizens’ club or money for cancer research. They’re all gifts from Hurks. The Eindhoven construction company is celebrating its 105th anniversary with a noble gesture.

The company didn’t really have a reason to celebrate during its centenary because of a less favourable phase in that period. All the more reason to go all out this year, Hurks thought. And so anyone who lives, works or stays in a building in which Hurks was involved could make a request for up to €5000 in cash or a help team made up of Hurks employees.

Some examples were money for cancer research in the Catharina Hospital, a help team in the Woensel playground De Splinter or €500 for clearing up litter in Veldhoven.

The company received about 45 requests for a helping hand in the form of donations or voluntary work. The total amount in the jubilee pot is €105,000, referring to the jubilee year.

Hurks is still taking applications until January.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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