Ambulance personnel in hospital with multiple broken bones

GGD ambulance in accident
Picture credit: GGD

The ambulance staff who were involved in the accident in Helmond, where three boys died, feel strengthened by the sympathy they receive.

The GGD (municipal health services) Brabant Zuidoost announced this in an update about the ambulance workers. “They are in hospital with a broken sternum, broken and bruised ribs and several heavy bruises. They are still there for observation because of possible complications and the setting of pain medication”, the GGD announced on Twitter.

The accident, reported on previously, occurred just after midnight last Sunday. Both vehicles collided head-on at Heeklaan in Helmond for reasons as yet unknown. Three of the four occupants of the passenger car were killed. The fatalities were two boys aged 15 and 16 from Eindhoven and the 16-year old driver from Nuenen. A 15-year old boy from Eindhoven survived the accident, but was seriously injured. The two ambulance staff were also injured during the collision.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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