Keep the umbrellas ready; heavy rains on weekend

Heavy rains on weekend
Photo Credit: Heavy rains,Kammy27,

Get your umbrella out of the closet. It promises to be wet the next few days. The wind is going to pick up considerably.

“The main focus will be on Saturday evening and Sunday morning”, says Wilfred Janssen, weatherman at Weerplaza. “In that period, dozens of millimeters of rain could fall in various places in Brabant.”

According to the weatherman, Saturday will start off well. “A large part of province would be still dry, but there won’t be much sun. It can also still be a bit misty but once that has resolved, by then the first showers will be moving into Brabant”, he says. “In the evening hours, it is going to rain heavily. The wind will also pick up considerably and we’ll have to contend with hefty gusts of wind. All in all, it will be stormy. The temperature will be around fifteen degrees.”

Sunday starts wet. “Only in the course of the morning, it will gradually become drier. In the afternoon, the sun may come up, but it is not completely dry. There may be a shower and there is still a lot of wind. The temperature will drop a bit, it’s fourteen degrees.

The new week begins with some fluctuations. “Especially on Tuesday, there may be some rain. Then the fluctuations shall decrease.”


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.


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