GGZ Eindhoven: More youngsters seeking help for serious psychiatric problems

The GGZ (Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care) in Eindhoven (GGzE) has treated more young people with serious psychological problems over the past year, with the pandemic playing a role in many cases.

It’s unclear exactly how big the increase is. Nationally, about 10% more young people sought specialist help in the last 12 months.

The GGzE has set up a crisis team for the region, consisting of general practitioners and other specialist care institutions. The team will help get a clearer picture of young people seeking help and how to help them more quickly.

The are still waiting lists, however, according to the GGzE – both for young people and other client demographics. Chairman of the board Joep Verbugt thinks the waiting lists can be curtailed, and has argued for less accountability to governments.

“The coronavirus pandemic taught us that healthcare can adapt quickly, and that healthcare institutions and workers can be trusted. And with trust you can ask for less responsibility. Then you can have more money put into healthcare”, Verbugt says.

The chairman also said GGzE staff spend 25% of their time and energy on red tape. “That could be reduced by half, saving 15 to 20 million euros. We can spend that on youth care, among other things.”

Source: Studio040

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