More kittens dumped at shelter

Photo credit: Studio040/Dierenovang Doornakker

On Friday, one of De Doornakker animal shelter’s staff members founds three kittens.

They had been dumped at this Eindhoven shelter in a locked backpack. It’s the second time in as a month that this has happened. This time, the employee heard meowing and growling coming from the backpack.

They took it inside and opened it in an enclosed space. It held three ten-week-old kittens. The animals were healthy but nervous and not chipped.

Being fostered

The kittens are being fostered. Now, they can recover and get used to people and life as domestic cats. Once they’re socialised, chipped, and vaccinated, the shelter will start looking for owners for them.

A De Doornakker spokesperson says they understand that people sometimes find it difficult to care for their animals. But, tossing them away isn’t the answer. Not to mention, that’s is unlawful.

According to the police, in severe cases, you could be jailed for up to three years or fined as much as €19,500. You could even be prohibited from owning any more pets. The shelter urges pet owners, who can no longer take care of their animals, to contact them instead.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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