Clarity on inner city transformation in December

skyline Eindhoven
Source: Studio040/Alain Heeren

We’ll know by December if the City Council approves the Verdichtingsvisie Binnenstad (population densification vision).

The current vision is scheduled to be discussed on 1 and 8 December. On 15 December the decision will be made.

According to the councilmember of Residence and Urban Development, Yasin Torunoglu, the end of a long process is in sight. “I’m happy with the result as it is. By taking the time to have conversations with stakeholders, we’ve gathered valuable information. We all share a common vision and that alone is a success.”

Torunoglu is also pleased with the plan itself. “We have the chance to create more affordable accommodation in the City centre. In future, it offers all residents of Eindhoven the chance to live in the City centre at a reasonable price. Simultaneously, we’ve established clear frameworks and starting points for future buildings to be of high quality. We’ve also considered the environment and public spaces to maintain a beautiful City centre for residents and visitors alike.”


Recently the vision was adjusted to include certain elements. Larger green spaces were added to the ground level of apartment buildings. These spaces will also serve social purposes such as workshops and ‘living labs’.

Construction Stadhuisplein

Furthermore, the last word surrounding the remodelling of Stadhuisplein has not yet been spoken. The maximum height of 160 metres remains the same. Within the next six months all stakeholders and parties involved will be approached to start the decision making process.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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