10 years in prison and TBS for Eindhoven serial rapist

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Jonathan M. from Eindhoven has been convicted for three rapes, four sexual assaults with underage girls and child pornography. Among the ten victims, eight were between twelve and sixteen years old. Today, the court ruled 10-year imprisonment and TBS on the case.

Two weeks ago, the Public Prosecution Service demanded against Jonathan M. a 15-year prison sentence. They also demanded abstract provision (TBS) which allows treatment for mentally disordered offenders. M. from Eindhoven was arrested last summer on two rapes and was later charged with 12 offences which mainly concern rapes and assaults against underage girls. Today, the court in Den Bosch ruled that M. will be sentenced to 10 years in prison and TBS with forced nursing.

On court

The court in Den Bosch had allocated two days to deal with the extensive sex offence case. The court discussed the facts ranging from rape to sexual assault and threats of distributing nude photos. Jonathan M. appeared to be quite calm when describing his version of the events of which he is suspected. He stated that alcohol was involved and that it often makes him aggressive. The suspect, who suffers from an anti-social and personality disorder, says he regrets what he did: “It’s been a year now and it’s just diculous how I behaved.”

Seven victims made their rights to speak in the court, accompanied by their supervisors such as their parents and their lawyers. Their stories revealed the fear that they have felt and still have to live with. The suspect’s ex-girlfriend called it terrible in court that he raped girls and then crawled into bed with her unscrupulously. “You should be in prison,” she said.

Two rapes

Last August, Jonathan M. lured a 15-year-old girl into an alley in the Valkenswaard centre, forced her to sit on the back of his scooter and acted the crime in a forest plot on the Eindhovenseweg in Valkenswaard.

A few days later, M. offered a ride to a 23-year-old French tourist on her way to the hotel on Hertogstraat, then forcibly pulled the woman into the bushes in the Genneper parks and acted the crime there. After that, M. asked for her phone number and threatened to kill her if not answering the phone. Besides, M. had already been convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl back in 2011.

Other victims

Jonathan M. usually sought contact with the girls via the internet. He had pretended to be various roles: the manager of a PSV football player, a photographer for a modelling agency, and a white man named Giovanni or Stefan. He also offered girls money in exchange for sexual acts.

During those events, M. filmed his threatening and sexual acts. The police found dozens of videos and photos of young girls on his cell phone. Those girls come from an area from Drunen to Helmond and seem randomly selected.

Source: Omroep Brabant, Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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