‘Local heat prevention plans must be prioritised’

hot weather in the park
Source: Studio040

Heat prevention plans must be placed higher on the priority list by local municipalities. Each year it becomes more necessary. This was declared by the Klimaatverbond as well as KNMI.

The increasing heat in the Netherlands demands different priorities. “The number of tropical days a 100 years ago was a little more than one per year. Currently we experience around 5 per year. The 8 tropical days expected this year is once again higher than the average,” reports the KNMI website. The organisation therefore advocates for heat prevention programmes to be prioritised by local municipalities.

The Klimaatverbond agrees with the statement. Recently an investigation into measures combating heatstroke revealed that municipalities do little in this regard. For example, keeping the elderly cool. The investigation also made suggestions to improve this. Amongst others, municipalities could allocate cool buildings for the vulnerable population to take refuge in during hot days.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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