Video Consults at Catharina Hospital are easier for patients

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Patients of the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven can now make faster and easier video calls with their therapist.

Patients can now call via the patient portal MijnCatharina (MyCatharina), which has increased its ease of use. To make an image call with a specialist, patients need to download the MSTeams app, go to MijnCatharina and log in via DigiD.

Safe visits
During the corona crisis, use of video calling in the Catharina Hospital has skyrocketed. “Technically it’s really impressive what we’ve managed to do in such a short time”, Dr Laurence van Warmerdam says. “The patient benefits. Many patients often have to come to the hospital for a talk or for information about their treatment. If we have a video consultation with their nurse or specialist, we can save them those visits. What’s more, patients usually don’t come alone, there is often a supervisor as well. They also have to take time off and people sometimes come from far outside the region. This saves everyone an enormous amount of time”.

But the video consultation is not suitable for everything. “If you may have bad news, you’d rather see the patient yourself”, Dr. van Warmerdam continues. “And of course a physical examination can’t be done by means of a video consultation. But experience has taught us in the meantime that in many cases the video consultation works fine. The gynaecology department is a forerunner in this area and has had very good experiences with video calling over the past few months. It also turns out to be a very useful tool for our dermatologists”.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Nicole

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