Kids: don’t fall for the Blue Whale hoax

blue whale, internet challenges, child on device, phone
Internet challenges are a real threat. Photo credit: Pixabay

The Dutch police have recently seen the so-called Blue Whale Challenge popping up on social media again.

This is according to a Politie Nederland tweet. It goes on to say ‘The Blue Whale Challenge is re-launching via Insta, TikTok, and Snapchat. Talk to your children about this. And advise them not to open the messages.’

The Blue Whale Challenge is also called the Blue Whale Game or MoMo-challenge. The game has 50 missions,” reads a post on “The missions become more and more dangerous. The last task could even be suicide.”


“The challenge is now being shared from different profiles on mainly Instagram. It consists of scary pictures that threaten terrible things if you don’t take part in the challenge.”

The website urges parents to discuss this with their kids. “Make it clear to them that it’s not real. The people behind such profiles are only doing it to scare your kids.” They go on to advise that such accounts be blocked and reported. is a website that has tips and practical step-by-step explanations for safely navigating the internet. People can also report problems and ask questions on it. It was founded on the initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, the Ministry of Justice and Security and a Dutch social services organisation, ECP.


Translator: Melinda Walraven


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