Apping motorist receives maximum punishment

Kirsten van Tol from Oss passed away a year ago when a motorist who was texting while driving hit her car. On Wednesday, the perpetrator heard that he has to go to jail for eight months and he cannot drive for three years. Kirsten’s partner Jeroen hopes that this punishment is a very big warning to society.

On Wednesday afternoon, the judge ruled that the driver is entirely guilty of the accident. “I impose the maximum penalty. This is an important signal to society. Using telephone and social media in traffic cost lives.”

Active on the phone while driving

Research shows that the driver used his phone for the last two and a half minutes. “During the 192 seconds before the accident, the driver had been demonstrably active on his phone for 80 seconds,” the judge said. He sent a photo, video and messages via WhatsApp while driving at around 120 kilometres per hour.

As the driver was fully focused on his phone, he missed a stationary traffic jam. On the A2 near Beesd in Gelderland, he collided with the car of Kirsten (24-year-old). She got stuck between two cars and passed away due to brain injury in the hospital.

Life on break

Kirsten’s partner, Jeroen van Tol remembers the day exactly. “I came home, I had a great day at work. Kirsten and I had a free weekend. So I was very happy.” But Jeroen’s life changed when his father-in-law called.

“My life has been on pause since then. I can no longer work and I am busy with Kirsten every day.” Jeroen hopes that the perpetrator will not appeal so that he and his in-laws can put an end to this case. “We will never forget Kirsten but we want to put an end to this gruelling and emotional process.”

Jeroen wants to provide information to remind people of the danger of texting in traffic. “There shouldn’t be more victims like Kirsten.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Shufei


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