Catharina Hospital recognised as top clinical setting

Urologist Evert Koldewijn (right) pictured with nursing specialist Francoise van de Ven at Catharina Hospital

Catharina Hospital’s urology department has gained national recognition for excellence in clinical care.

The hospital has been accepted to the ‘Topklinisch Zorgregister’ (Register for excellence in clinical care). The register consists of hospitals that have excelled in the field of patient care, training opportunities and scientific research.

Urologist, Evert Koldewijn, prioritises multiple treatment options for prostate cancer patients. “There’s no treatment that can be singled-out as the best. Operating isn’t necessarily beter than radiation, or internal radiation. We strive to give unbiased advice. It’s important to involve the patient in the decision-making process. When the patient is involved, they’re inclined to be satisfied with outcomes. They are also better prepared to cope with possible side-effects.”

The range of treatment options used to combat prostate cancer includes brachytherapy. A therapy in which radioactive seeds are implanted in the prostate. The advantage to this is that less healthy tissue is radiated, leading to fewer side-effects.

Robot surgery

Another aspect contributing to clinical excellence is the implementation of innovation. Since last year, surgeons are using a robot to perform complex gynaecological and urological surgeries. “The robot provides new insights during endoscopic surgeries. It allows you to see better and work better with the tissues because there’s an extra hand. The hand of a robot” remarked surgeon, Johanne Bloemen.

Other top clinical care departments

Many other departments of Catharina Hospital have been included in the register. The departments accepted include: Catherina Cancer Institute, the Obesity centre, vascular surgery, neurology, stomach-, colon- and liver illnesses and gynaecological oncology.

Source: Studio040, Catharina Ziekenhuis

Translator: Ame Harris

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