University demolishes ‘corona hut’

Photo credit: Studio040

They had lots of time in recent weeks. That’s why a group of Eindhoven schoolboys were able to build a gigantic ‘hut’ on the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) grounds. It’s now been demolished.

Amazing things are made, not only inside, but also outside the TU/e walls. A group of eleven schoolboys built a huge shelter on the university’s grounds in recent weeks. They had all the time they needed because of the corona crisis.

“At first we had another hut, but we were chased away right away. When we were fishing at the TU/e, we found a very large fallen tree. We immediately started building”, one of the builders, Freek van Rijswijck, says.

Fully equipped

The shelter was fully equipped. A roof on which you could stand, scaffolding in the water, and a clay swimming pool. They’d worked on it every day for two months. But a photographer discovered the hut this week, and not long after, university staff came to see it. The result was bad news – the shelter had to go.

A TU/e spokesperson says it’s nice that the boys came up with an idea and built something, just like real engineers. But, leaving the shelter posed too many risks.  According to the university, it wouldn’t only be too dangerous for the boys; it would also attract vagrants. The young architects, who’d hoped to come to an agreement with the TU/e, are, understandably, disappointed.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven


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