Hospital gets €6 million research grants

Catharina Hospital
Photo Credit: Studio040

Catharina Hospital is awarded €6 million for scientific research on complex diseases treatments.

Catharina Hospital has received two research grants with each worth €3 million. The hospital will use the grants in the areas of bowel cancer and cardiovascular disease. Catharina Hospital is an international leader in these two areas.

Regarding the research on complex colon cancer, the grant would be used to train doctors and nurses. Another application would be researching treatments that increase recovery rates. Other applications include researching less drastic therapies, for instance, during tumour related operations.

The Heart and Vascular Centre will use the grant to investigate technological innovations and support artificial intelligence-based decision making. This research mainly aims at preventing common heart diseases. The focus conditions include coronary artery blockage, narrowed heart valves, and atrial fibrillation. Another goal is to improve treatments and control costs.

The grant schemes received 65 applications in total. To obtain the funding, hospitals had to demonstrate their unique, indispensable expertise for the Netherlands. Applicants had to present innovative plans on how to improve the country’s care too. Apart from the two grants mentioned, four other grants were awarded to other hospitals.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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