Sufficient work for migrant workers

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There will be lots of work for labour migrants at distribution centers (DCs) in the coming period.

The DCs are running at full speed. Where migrant workers in other places in the country are left without work, there is lots of work to do in the DCs.

“The distribution centers work with large, flexible pools,” says a spokesperson of the FNV (labour union). “The more people they can use, the better they like it. As a result, hardly anyone works full-time in normal situations. Everyone is fully committed to what those DCs are doing now. ”

That is necessary because more items are now ordered online than ever. According to the spokesperson, there are currently no risks for contamination. “The temperature is measured in many places before the start of a working day. A practice that we as a union think is questionable, but employees are actually happy with it. They feel safe, so we will not make it a problem.”

However, the online demand for goods is not yet so high that new labor migrants will make the trip to Southeast Brabant. “It’s not at that point yet, and I think the distribution centers will have sufficient capacity to meet demand for the time being,” said the spokesperson.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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