Eagle Owl Brutus lost after flight to freedom

Eagle Owl. Image source: pixabay.com

Eagle Owl Brutus is lost. He has been missing for almost a week now. Owner Edwin van Uden from Veghel is beside himself with worry, because the owl grew up in captivity and so he cannot provide food for himself. “I think he can last a week,” says Edwin. “At least I hope so.”

The eagle owl flew to freedom on Tuesday. The belt with which he was secured proved not strong enough for the powerful four-year-old bird. Since then, he has been regularly spotted by people who let Edwin know via his Facebook page, Valkerij flying birds. “But yes, I can be occupied during the week and so I am not always there and therefore I cannot go there quickly,” says Edwin.

On Sunday he received a report from someone who had seen an owl in the Spoorven district. Therefore Edwin with his wife, daughter and some friends set out following this lead to look for Brutus.

Perfectly camouflaged
Brutus is a big boy but he is not easy to find. “He is perfectly camouflaged. It may just be that he is sitting here in the tree and that you do not even see him,” says Edwin. “We look at the crows. They often chase the eagle owl, because they see him as a threat. So if we see flying crows, it may be that he is sitting close by.”

The couple has had Brutus since childhood. Saskia van Uden said “We bought him as a little chick when he just hatched from his egg. We raised him by hand. He really is a very sweet animal. You can pet him and cuddle him.” The couple are very attached to the owl. “I miss him very much,” Edwin explains visibly emotional.

Bare hands
“Brutus is used to people and children. We are a regular guest at children’s parties. So you don’t have to be afraid of it,” Saskia says. Yet you should not handle Brutus with bare hands. “If you see him, it’s best to contact us. We have a special leather glove and we also know how to call him.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translation: Nicole Cullinan

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