GO sharing e-scooters start up in Eindhoven with teething problems

A GO sharing e-scooter. Image source: Studio040

GO sharing e-scooters have been available in Eindhoven for over a week and a half. Unfortunately, the e-scooter company has encountered some problems this first week.

For example, e-scooters have been destroyed and driven without drivers’ licenses. Raymon Pouwels, general manager of GO-sharing, explained about this situation. ‘There have indeed been people who have driven the scooters without a drivers’ license. We are now trying to prevent this by requesting more photos when registering. This allows us to see whether the person with a drivers’ license is, in fact, the scooter user. We will try to solve the problem of vandalism as well. ”

People can rent an e-scooter per minute via an app. Pouwels indicates that thus far the users have had positive experiences with the e-scooters. “We already have around 8000 registrations in a week and a half and the responses are very positive.”

The e-scooters are available in various locations in Eindhoven.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Nicole Cullinan


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