PvdA wants wider variety of trees

Photo credit: Studio040

More, and, above all, different trees in Eindhoven. This is better for the city and necessary to fight global warming, according to the PvdA (Labour Party), who have asked the council about it.

Trees provide cooling in the city, but eight hundred trees were lost in the recent storm, the PvdA writes. And the oak processionary caterpillar could become a plague due to the relatively high number of oak trees in the city, according to the party.

The PvdA asked the council if climate change is being taken into account when choosing new trees to plant, and if more can be done, such as raising public awareness of ‘Operatie Steenbreek’ (‘Operation Rock Crushing’), where stone gardens are being replaced by green zones.

Disconnecting rainwater from the sewer system would also result in less dry soil and more sewage capacity for new buildings.

Source: www.studio040.nl
Translated by: Bob

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