Mierlo celebrates fifty years of Jeugd Vakantie Week

Photo credit: Studio040/Tim Vellinger

Cozy music, fun games and of course lots of fun. The fiftieth edition of the Mierlo Jeugd Vakantie Week (Youth Holiday Week) was launched with confetti guns. 

“The nice thing is that everyone participates. Not only the children look forward to it, so do the parents and volunteers. And rightly so. It promises to be a beautiful week every year”, treasurer Paul Font Freide says. Wearing a clown suit, he accompanies the children and volunteers. It reflects the cozy, relaxed atmosphere Jeugd Vakantie Week provides.

“I think it’s really nice to see everyone so busy.”
Geert Maas, JVW volunteer.

Geert Maas has been a member of the JVW for all those fifty years. First as a young participant, then as Management and Board. “I think it’s mighty nice to see everyone so busy”, he says with a smile. “That already starts with the preparations with all the volunteers. Once it starts, it is really great to see all those children busy”.

This year, about five hundred children are participating in Jeugd Vakantie Week (JVW). These children are accompanied by a hundred leaders and are supported by another hundred volunteers who are on the Board, working groups, game support and catering. “We are really very happy with all the volunteers and sponsors. Without them we could never have achieved this”, Font Freide says. “There is no one in Mierlo who doesn’t know the JVW”, Maas says. “We organise everything in Mierlo where possible, that way everyone knows this week is Jeugd Vakantie Week”.

Try and find a shelter for a week for €25.
Paul Font Freide, Treasurer.

Fifty years ago
The JVW was formerly founded for disadvantaged children, not all of whom have the luxury of a summer holiday. With Jeugd Vakantie Week, the children have something to look forward to and they can experience many fun things. “It’s important to keep costs as low as possible”, Font Freide says. “This year we’re doing a little more because of our 50th anniversary. But yes, try and find a shelter for a week for €25”.

Most beautiful week of the year
The JVW hit song can be heard daily at the beginning and the end of the day. Part of the lyrics reads: “It is Jeugd Vakantie Week again. The most beautiful week of the year”. And everyone can confirm that. “It is fantastic”, a father who is waving his child goodbye says. “From the beginning of the summer holidays, my daughter has been counting down. It is always great fun.”

Jeugd Vakantie Week is on until Friday 16 August.

Source: www.studio040.nl
Translated by: Bob


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