Eindhoven Library partnering with Eindhoven News

Irene Martens, Eindhoven News, Mirjam van Gogh. Library and Melissa Birdwell, Eindhoven News

Eindhoven News agreed to a formal collaboration last week with the Eindhoven Library. It seemed like a logic cooperation as the Library likes to attract more internationals to the library and it is Eindhoven News’ mission to make local interesting activities visible for the internationals.

Every Thursday from 10:00 to 13:00 you will find Melissa Birdwell (Eindhoven News deputy) at the table near the cafe in the Eindhoven Library. This is in conjunction with the Taal Cafe which is happening on that day too to get a cross-pollination with people who are learning Dutch. Eindhoven News will also be keeping visitors up to date about any special events or activities happening in the Eindhoven Library.

Mirjam van Gogh, Communication Manager from the library: “We have more and more activities in English, so through Eindhoven News they will get more exposure to all the non-Dutch people living in Eindhoven.”

Melissa who is writing for Eindhoven News on kids activities in the region is hosting the weekly meetings: “the Eindhoven Library is a great place to meet and work. The area is warm and inviting and the cafe offers a wide variety of food and drinks. Tables are equipped with multiple power outlets so it’s an ideal place to get some work done. There is even a kids corner so bring the little ones and let them have a play.”

“The purpose of Eindhoven News is to connect local to international and vice versa. By showing what is available, our readers will go there and find out. Also the library has all those really interesting things going on, we like to show this to our audience, says Irene Martens, manager of Eindhoven News. “Moreover to give our volunteers the opportunity to get in touch with local organisations, you never know what rolls out of this. It starts with creating opportunities.”

So for the people who are interested, have a chat with Melissa, she can tell you a lot about Eindhoven, being here for almost 12 years, or if you want to bring your laptop and return those pesky emails, or just to have a break. Come by and see us on Thursdays from around 10:00 till 13:00 and say hi. Or send a mail to Eindhovennews@gmail.com for more info.

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